B-Box™ Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy
CalebABC Co. effectively protects personal information of the B-Box™ website (http://bboxworld.com) members, strictly abides by legislation on information protection and use of information network system. We abide by laws regarding Information Protection and Use of Information Network System, Privacy Policy, Protection of Communications Secret Act, and Telecommunications Business Act, which are legal privacy protection policies that must be followed by information technology service providers. Such personal information protection policies are prone to constant changes, based on legal modifications enacted by the Government of Republic of Korea, or on policy changes within the B-Box™ website. Future modifications of privacy policy of the B-Box™ website will be posted on its bulletin board. If you have additional questions on such changes, you may enter our website for more information. Further information on the definition of privacy policy is as follows:
This indicates that personal information of a present individual, such as any form of sign, symbol, voice, sound, image (though a single form of information may be insufficient in identifying a specific individual, it may easily combine with other information to successfully identify the individual, in which case, the novel information is to be added in this list) in relation to his or her name and social security number.
Privacy: Methods & Types Collected
The B-Box™ website collects personal information to provide various services to our members.
-During the registration process, there is either required or optional information that is to be provided for facilitation of improved services.
 An individual is required to write his or her name, account ID, password, and E-Mail, while other additional information is optional.
 In addition, circumstances may arise in which an individual is required to insert additional information at the B-Box™ website for special services, and completion of payment process for charged contents.
If you had entered one of our diverse promotions or questionnaires, the B-Box™ website may require, or directly request for additional information necessary for the following: Analysis of a promotion’s efficacy, post-promotion management, (verification of prizewinner and shipment of prize) and statistical analysis of questionnaire.
-The B-Box™ website may require, or directly request for necessary information, in order to improve our quality of customer service.
-We may acquire your information via cookies of the B-Box™ website
Privacy: Guideline of Use
We collect personal information of our members for facilitation of the B-Box™ website, such as the accommodation of personalized services, and diverse contents to each of our members. On our website, we may use previously collected personal information with the following purposes for membership services: Personal confirmation, identification, and establishment of communication for customer support. Moreover, we may provide information of our services based on previously gathered information of members via telecommunication, letter and E-mail. In accordance with the Eighteenth Amendment of the Privacy Protection Act, if our purpose of such service were to change, we will require additional consent from our members. However, if a member does not consent to receive our service, or information, he or she must be removed from our members list and we will not be held responsible for potential circumstances that may arise.
For quantitative and qualitative improvements of our service, we collect and utilize personal identification and information of members who had previously consented to our terms for the following purposes:
-Our service and its cost in fulfillment of contract and services provided: Diverse contents, purchase and payment process.
-Management of members: Use of membership service for personal confirmation, identification, intent of registration, handling of complaint and customer service
-Marketing and promotions: Development and accommodation to new B-Box™ service (product), confirmation of service’s efficacy, provision of service, advertisement, publication, B-Box™ service (product), promotion, e-marketing, and participation opportunity.
The B-Box™ website may present diverse content for a commercial purpose to our members, who will find our advertisement more informative and appropriate to their needs.
To produce such advertisement, the B-Box™ website provides companies and organizations who wish to promote the B-Box™ with information on types of members who are the targeted audience (e.g. 30-39 year old males) via statistical values. We do not disclose any personal information that may be utilized in identifying a specific individual. Moreover, the B-Box™ website endeavors to provide improved services by researching population density distribution, specific interest, behavioral pattern of the users through the server’s log files, and other surveys gathered from our members’ personal information. Such information will be collected and analyzed on the whole, and may be shared with other promoters, or collaborators in forms of processed statistical information. Such processed information will be inadequate in identifying an individual’s identity.
Personal information that we have collected will not be used for any purpose that are not mentioned from the above. However, an exception may take place with a customer’s consent, or one of the following reasons:
-Fulfillment of terms of agreement for service use.
-Payment process of services provided.
-Procession into a form of data in which a specific individual cannot be identified for purposes, such as development of statistical data, academic and market research
-Presence of special regulation in affiliation with the law
Privacy: Terms of Use
In principle, after collection of personal information and its purpose had been fulfilled, such information will be immediately terminated. In addition, request for cancellation of membership, or withdrawal from our terms of use will incur immediate deletion of personal information. However, our members’ personal information may be safely preserved for a specified term in the following conditions: If we receive an additional consent from a member regarding terms of use for his or her personal information in accordance with our policy, or if we are required to preserve such information for a specified term by legislation.
-Use of service in relation to personal information (login record), and evidence of storage records: Communications Privacy Act.
Duration of storage: 3 months.
-Evidence of storage records on display, or advertisement: Legislation on consumer protection during electronic transaction.
Duration of storage: 6 months.
-Evidence of storage records on terms of agreement and withdrawal of services: Legislation on consumer protection during electronic transaction.
Duration of storage: 5 years.
-Evidence of storage records supply for payment process, and goods: Legislation on consumer protection during electronic transaction.
Duration of storage: 5 years.
-Evidence of storage records on customer complaint its solution: Legislation on consumer protection during electronic transaction.
Duration of storage: 3 years.
-Evidence of storage records on electronic transaction: Electronic Financial Transactions Act.
Duration of storage: 5 years.
Process & Method of Termination
After its goal has been met, personal information that you have entered will be transferred to a separate DB for a specified term, according to relevant company policies, and other miscellaneous legislation. After such term is due, the personal information will be terminated.
Personal information printed on paper (prints, documents) will be destroyed via paper shredder, or incineration. Personal information in the form of an electronic file will be permanently deleted without any option for recovery of data.
Privacy Management & Handling Policy
In principle, we use the personal information of B-Box™ members only for purposes of data collection and utilization, and therefore we do not disclose such information to another individual, company, or institution. However, personal information may be preserved for the following reasons:
-If members had previously agreed to store their personal information
 If accurate price calculation of service provided is required
 If it is provided in a confidential manner, in which a specific individual cannot be identified for development of statistical data, academic and market research
-If we are required to comply with a regulation within legislation, or with an investigative institution’s request to follow its procedures for an investigative purpose.
Method of Terminating Private Information
Via termination application, B-Box™ website members may retract their agreement on Privacy Policy. If a member requests to retract, read, or edit the agreement, the B-Box™ website is required to accommodate immediately, and not to use such information until completion of its edit.
Legal guardians of children under the age of 14 are assured with legal rights of consultation (reading, editing and deleting personal information of the child: Private Information Termination Handling Act). Legal guardian may collect minimal personal information via the specific child.
Installation, Use & Decline of Auto-Collection Device for Private Information
In order to accommodate to each individual’s personalized service, we use “cookies” to constantly save and load our members’ data. Cookies are small packs of data transferred to a website user from a server that maintains the website. Subsequently, they are saved within the user’s hard disk.
-Purpose of Using Cookies
 Cookies allow for analysis of frequency, and connection time of both members and visitors of the B-Box™ website. This information provides insight on users’ preference, interest, proximity, frequency of participation in promotion, and visit of our website, which is important for target marketing and personal accommodation services.
-Configuration to Deny Cookies
 Each user possesses his or her rights regarding the installation of Cookies. By configuring his or her web browser’s option, each user may allow, verify each time they are saved, or deny storage of Cookie files.
How-to-Configure (e.g. Internet Explorer)
: Select tools on the top of the browser > Click on Internet option > Privacy (However, if you have chosen to deny the installation of Cookie files, it may become more difficult to use services that require login information).
Technical & Managerial Solutions of Privacy Protection
-Technical Solutions
 We protect our data with security functions, by strictly following relevant legislation and company policies regarding users’ personal information.
 We use Antivirus Protection program to prevent any potential damage incurred by a computer virus. A novel computer virus will be immediately terminated by our Antivirus Protection program, which is constantly updated for protection of personal information.
 Personal information is encrypted, stored and managed safely. Critical data is secured with encryption its file, and transfer, or locked with a function available in Windows OS.
 We store and manage records of connection to the private information handling system for a minimum of 6 months. To prevent any potential damage, forgery, theft, and loss of connection record, we strictly secure and store our information.
 We save and manage our members’ passwords with encryption, and adapt a security device that ensures safe transfer of personal information between networks.
-Managerial Solutions
 We strictly forbid all employees, with exception of one who is responsible for management of personal information, due to nature of such responsibility within our company. We constantly educate and emphasize the importance of confidentiality to our employee, and strictly abide by Private Information Handling Policy.
 In addition to our endeavor mentioned from the above, users must be cautious to prevent disclosure of their personal information and password to third parties, especially when using public PCs, in which confidential information may be stored inadvertently. It is recommended that you do not share your account information with others, and frequently change your password.
Contacting Privacy Officer
-We have privacy officers to protect our users’ personal information, and to support to those with problems, or complaints. If you have any question regarding privacy of our users, please contact either one of our two officers listed below.
- Chief
Privacy Officer Tae-Ik Kim Consulting Team 02-322-1342 kimti@calebabc.com
Privacy Officer Min-Soo Koo R&D Team 02-322-1342 kooms@calebabc.com
-If you require further assistance regarding Invasion of Privacy, please contact either one of the following organizations: KISA-Invasion of Privacy Report Center, Supreme Prosecutor’s Office-Cybercrime Investigation Division, and Korea National Police Agency-Cyber Bureau.
-Supplementary Provisions
-If our privacy management and handling policy were to change, we will announce our reason, and date for such revision posted with the previous policy, one week prior to its enactment date on our B-Box™ website.
- -In accordance with our First Amendment, if we do not express any expression of repudiation towards policy change until its enactment date, then it is to be assumed that we are to proceed with the intended revision. In spite of our announcement, if a user does not explicitly express any form of repudiation, then it is to be assumed that the user agrees to the revised version of our policy.
- -This privacy policy will be enacted from (Month), (Day), (Year).
-Date of change for privacy policy: (Month), (Day), (Year).
-Date of implementation for privacy policy: (Month), (Day), (Year).