B-Box™ Portal: Terms of Use
Chapter 1: General Terms
Article 1 (Purpose)
These terms and conditions apply to all users (who agree to these terms and completes member registration, and hereinafter are referred to as "member") of CalebABC Co.’s B-Box™ Portal system (hereinafter referred to as “Service”, which includes connections via wired and wireless network), and must abide by these rights, obligations and responsibilities
Article 2 (Clarity, Efficacy, & Revision of Terms)
1. We are to post these terms of use on the home page of the B-Box™ website, and shall take full effect.
2. We are permitted to change our terms of use, contingent on CalebABC Co.’s circumstances or business-affiliated reasons, and revised terms of use shall take full force and effect in a similar manner prior to the revision.
Article 3 (Other Terms & Conditions)
If other conditions that are omitted from these terms are specified from another relevant enactment, then we are to follow such statute.
Chapter 2: Management & Registration of Members
Article 4 (Registration Procedure)
1. If a member has read and verified these terms and conditions, and clicked on “Agree” or “Confirm”, then it is to be assumed that they have agreed to our terms and conditions.
2. Membership for use of our services are attained by agreeing to the First Article, entering required information, such as the member's ID on the online membership application form available on our website, and pressing the "Register" or "Confirm" button. However, if the company deems it necessary, the member must provide the personal information requested by the company.
3. For a corporate client membership, we require additional submission of supplementary documents determined accordingly, as well as membership application forms and payment of service.
4. For a corporate client membership, if a service user and a purchaser are not identified to be identical individuals, we may require additional documents for confirmation of identity.
Article 5 (Establishment of Membership, Reservation & Refusal)
1. Membership registration is completed by applying for membership of the service user by the procedure set forth in Article 4 and by accepting the membership registration. When an applicant completes the application for membership by entering required information, it shall be accepted immediately, after confirmation of the inserted information. However, an exception to this is made, when one’s submission of a separate application form is required with one’s membership application form.
2. We reserve all rights to delay one’s acceptance of membership registration in any of the following cases:
 ● If an installation capacity for our service is deemed to be unrealistic
-If a technical problem of our service is confirmed
-If registration as a corporate client was completed, and obligations under Paragraphs 3 and 4 of Article 3 were not fulfilled.
-If other companies were deemed to be required for financial and technical purposes.
3. We may deny one’s registration in any of the following cases:
-If an application form was provided with false information or a membership registration was attempted with attachment of false documents.
-If a membership registration was completed as a corporate client, and obligations under Paragraphs 3 and 4 in Article 3 were unfulfilled within the specified term.
-If a child under the age of 14 had not received consent from a parent or a legal guardian regarding provision of personal information.
-If another company acknowledges a clear possibility of violation of social order, and integrity on the basis of relevant legislation and regulations.
-If a previous member with a terminated contract, due to Paragraph 2 of Article 16 re-applies for membership.
Article 6 (Managerial Responsibilities of Members & ID)
1. Either by intention or mistake, members shall be responsible for any inconvenience or damage caused by their management of ID, password, and illegal use of membership from a third party. If caused by a company’s intention or mistake, however, the company will bear such responsibility.
2. If a member’s ID, password, and other information are believed to be stolen or in use by a third party, the member must immediately change his or her account information, and contact us, to follow our procedures.
Article 7 (Collection of Personal Information & Etc.)
We collect necessary personal information from all members, in accordance with the provisions of relevant legislation and regulations to provide our services.
Article 8 (Change of Account Information)
If a member changes any of the items below, information must be changed accordingly from his or her information management page. In such case, we shall not be responsible for any inconvenience or damage caused by unchanged account information, while corporate clients may change their account information, according in a manner specified by us.
1. If a member will receive newsletters by service, etc.
2. Items agreed upon by other companies or organizations.
Chapter 3: Use of Service
Article 9 (Use of Service)
1. Our service is available for use, immediately after the agreement of our terms of use of service. However, in the case of paid services, service will be made available after we have confirmed the payment process.
2. Though customer service hours are open for 24 hours (00:00-24:00), our service may be unavailable for business-related or technical purposes. However, due to periodic inspection of our service facilities, our service may be divided into specific parts, where separate date and time can be arranged accordingly.
Article 1 (Notification for Change in Content of Services)
1. If we change the content of service or terminate it for reasons, such as the introduction of new services, we may notify such change or termination to our members via E-mail.
2. In the case of the previous paragraph, when reaching to an unspecified number of individuals, we may notify our members via main or the News page of the B-Box™ website. However, items that are affiliated with on our members’ transactions are to be posted on the bulletin board for an extensive term.
Article 11 (Restriction & Suspension of Service)
We may restrict or suspend a member’s use of service for any of the following reasons:
-If a member’s action is against the public order and integrity.
-If a member’s action relates to criminal offense or act.
-If a member plans or implements use of our service for purpose to impeach national or public interests and goods.
-If a member steals another individual’s account information.
-If a member damages or provides inconvenience to one’s reputation.
-If a member is registered with more than one account.
-If a member damages, hinders sound use of our service,
-If a member interferes with the facilitation of our service, due to intention or mistake.
-If a member violates the obligations of Article 13.
-If restriction or termination of service is inevitable, due to inspection, maintenance or construction.
-If a telecommunications carrier suspends its service, in accordance with the Telecommunications Business Act.
-If hindrance in the use of service occurs, due to national crisis, excessive use of service, and disruption of service facilities.
-If a member is in violation of relevant legislation or our terms of use.
-If we deem the continuation of our services to be inapt, due to other significant reasons
Article 12 (Company Responsibilities)
1. Our services shall be available for use, unless special circumstances are to arise.
2. We have an obligation to provide our services in a continuous and a reliable manner, as stipulated in these terms and conditions.
3. We shall endeavor to protect our members’ personal information that is accumulated during the provision of our services, and to never disclose or distribute such information to a third party without consent of the corresponding member. Other items related to protection of our members' personal information are governed by the "Information Management Guidelines" established by the Information and Communications Network Act and CalebABC Co.
Article 13 (Member Responsibilities)
1. Members shall not engage in any of the following behaviors:
 If a member enters false information, while applying for or changing his or her membership.
 If a member changes information of our services, uses such information without our consent for commercial or non-profit purposes, such as copying, publishing, broadcasting, and providing it to a third party.
 If a member uses our services to publicize of him or herself or to a third party for profit, and transfers his or her previously purchased services to a third party for profit.
 If a member infringes our intellectual property rights or our rights by posting false information about CalebABC Co.
 If a member uses another’s account information for illegal use of our services.
 If a member uses payment information of others, such as account and credit card number without their consent for gain of our paid services.
 If a member sends either an electronic or postal mail by impersonation or identity theft of our employee, service manager or company.
 If a member collects, stores or discloses other members’ personal information without their consent.
 If a member modifies, reverse-engineers, decompiles or disassembles any of our company software for any purpose.
 If a member violates the provisions of relevant legislation, regulations, terms of service, and other services provided by CalebABC Co.
2. In violation of Paragraph 1, Article 13, we may restrict a member’s use of service or terminate this agreement in a unilateral manner.
3. Members are responsible for management of their respective account information, such as ID and password.
4. Members shall agree to receive E-mails of our service, which are sent as part of our service procedure.
5. Members must contact our representative as soon as possible, in the case of misuse of their account.
Article 14 (Use of Service & Payment)
1. All services may be used via registration as our member. In addition, under the license policy, some members may use such service, after their respective payment.
2. Methods of payment for service provided by us are as follow: Mobile phone, credit card, pay-by-phone, wire transfer, and deposit without bank account.
3. We may require additional personal information of a member for completion of payment for service, and he or she must provide accurate requested information. We shall not be responsible for any inconvenience or damage caused by false or inaccurate personal information provided by a member, unless our intention or mistake is evident.
4. If we initiate paid-contents service, relevant term, policy, and information on expenses must be disclosed, prior to its launch.
Article 15 (Termination & Cancellation of Service)
1. In accordance with the procedures set forth by CalebABC Co., members may terminate or cancel their accounts and membership at any time, if they wish to do so.
2. If a member violates Article 13, this agreement will be terminated unilaterally, and the corresponding member may be responsible for civil or criminal liabilities, in case of any inconvenience or damage to our operation of service.
3. Termination of paid license agreement may be proceeded with a direct E-mail to our administrator (Master@calebabc.com) with a completed application for termination of service and content. After we agree to such request, immediate cancellation of service will take effect, and refunds will be made, if necessary.
4. If login with previous account information is unsuccessful, then cancellation and termination of service of the corresponding account is complete.
Article 16 (Re-Registration)
1. If a former member wishes for re-registration, he or she may contact our administrator (Master@calebabc.com) to complete the process.
2. To complete re-registration, please make sure to provide verification of identity.
3. If login with previous account information is successful, then re-registration process is complete.
Chapter 4: Miscellaneous Items
Article 17 (Exemptions)
We shall not be responsible for any inconvenience or damage incurred to a member, if our service cannot be provided in any of the following cases:
-If a natural disaster or an equivalent uncontrollable force takes place.
-If a third party who has agreed with use and provision of our service interrupts such service with deliberate intention.
-If our service is unavailable, due to a member’s respective reasons.
-Information (company name, ID, e-mail address, etc.) that may be confirmed by a member can be voluntarily disclosed in a communication space (hereinafter referred to as "communication space"), such as bulletin boards and chat rooms. In such cases, public information may be collected, associated, used, and received by third parties, and members may receive unsolicited messages from third parties. Such behavior of third parties is not under the control of CalebABC Co. Therefore, we do not compensate for the possibility of third parties in discovering our members’ information.
-In cases where intention or mistake of a third party organization are not responsible, in exclusion of items one to three.
Article 18 (Resolution of Disputes)
1. Any dispute arising out of or in connection with the use of our service, other than as stated in these terms and conditions, shall be mutually settled by the corresponding parties to the greatest extent.
2. This agreement shall be construed and governed in accordance with the legislation of Republic of Korea, and under the jurisdiction of the Civil Procedure Act for potential disputes arising between CalebABC Co., and a member regarding the use of our service.
Article 22 (Application of Regulations)
Items unspecified in these terms, and conditions shall be by governed by relevant legislation, and regulations.
These terms and conditions shall be in full force, and effect from Month, Day, Year.