There are two types of B-Box™ partnership, General Partner and Premium Partner. 

B-Box™ partnership is a partnership arrangement between individuals/businesses and CalebABC Co., Ltd. 


To be our partner, please make an inquiry via email ( or contact us at (02-703-1202). Partnership type will be decided after internal review.


To use B-Box™ as any content material, you are required to cite the source as below: 


1. To present analysis results generated using B-Box™ on PowerPoint etc. 

   >> The output for this data analysis was generated using B-Box™ software, ver 1.0.0.

   Copyrightⓒ 2017 CalebABC Co., Ltd. 

2. Using B-Box™ to create contents (videos, books, or publications) for commercial purpose 

   >> The video (the book) is authorized for publication by CalebABC Co., Ltd 


For commercial use, please contact (02-703-1202) or email (

You can learn about B-Box™ techniques and tools through B-Box™ Help Videos/B-Box™ Clip or Analysis Examples. 

Go to Use B-Box™ tab > Help Videos for the information and use our sample data files to practice.

Unfortunately, currently we do not have an online community for B-Box™ users. 

Send your ideas to 

We always welcome your thoughts on B-Box™, new ideas, suggestions, complaints, feedback or any other opinions.

Please refer to the following steps: 

Control Panel -> System and Security -> System or My Computer -> Properties. 

The following screen will appear. 

Under System -> System Type, you can check whether your computer has a 32-bit or 64-bit operating system.


As the security of personal computers becomes stronger, it is becoming much more difficult to install new programs. 

Installation files downloaded from the Internet are especially subject to such security measures. 

That may be the case with B-Box™. 

If the following error message comes up, please click on "More Info", then "Run Anyway". 

You should then be able to proceed with installation.


No, B-Box™ is free-to-use for all personal users who registered via B-Box™ website.

Yes, those who have purchased the B-Box™ may receive full refund of the product within 7 days of purchase by request via email.

Currently, B-Box™ may store up to approximately 16,000 columns, and 1,000,000 rows of data, on par with Microsoft Excel. 

Mass-Data Analysis Service enables the analysis of large amounts of data that exceed the limits above (in reality, the performance suffers significantly with data exceeding 50% of those limits). 

By linking a database with B-Box™, the user can handle the data and apply all the analytical techniques that B-Box™ provides. To view the data, the available tools are CalebABC Prism™, which is an OLAP (On-Line Analytic Processing) tool, and CalebABC ePrism™, which is a web-service tool. 

If you would like to use Mass-Data Analysis Service, please contact (02-703-1202) or email ( to speak to our B-Box™ representative.

The B-Box™ does not support MAC OS.